After a bellwether national kickoff in Ft. Lauderdale in January, IAFL reaches out to Italian America’s younger generations throughout the country.

Basil Russo, John Viola, and the IAFL team conducted a special seminar in Detroit this past summer at the request of Italian Consul Allegra Baistrocchi.

Its purpose was to bring together future leaders of the Italian American community and offer them a platform to collectively express their pride in their heritage, to formulate plans as to how they can unite Italian America’s younger generations throughout the country, and to encourage them to begin assuming leadership roles in our various organizations.

IAFL Chair John Viola conducts a “SWOT” analysis to identify the opportunities and challenges facing the Italian American community.

This unique program constructively challenges the attendees through strategic analysis, competition, and 21st-century collaboration that create an extended family environment, with the goal of producing a cohesive group that will continue to work together moving forward.

The IAFL is sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations (, and the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (

IAFL Chair John Viola, Italian Consul Allegra Baistrocchi, and COPOMIAO / ISDA President Basil M. Russo.

If you are interested in having an IAFL seminar conducted in your community, please contact John Viola, the IAFL Chair; and Basil Russo, President of COPOMIAO and ISDA, at: