Statement of Purpose


A. To enroll as members in a spiritual bond all national, regional, statewide and special Italian American organizations found qualified in accordance with these bylaws.

B. To provide a clearinghouse for centralized thinking and unified directional guidance on matters duly advanced by constituent member organizations.

C. To encourage, support, and lend coordinative assistance to efforts and activities of common interest and concern.

D. To support each constituent member organization in advancing its goals, aims, and projects.

E. To promote unity, harmony, and camaraderie among the constituent member organizations that each may become more effective in fulfilling its own constituted purposes as well as the welfare of those of Italian birth and descent.

F. To encourage the continued organization of Americans of Italian descent.

G. To enhance the image of Americans of Italian descent at all levels of society, and to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and defamation detractive thereof.

H. To advance the Italian culture in America in all of its many and varied aspects.

I. To recognize and support outstanding individuals of Italian ancestry.

J. To encourage representation and involvement in all worthy initiatives by Americans of Italian descent.

K. To defend the human rights of all, the individual dignity of the Italian in America, and to promote social and economic justice, moral solidarity, and goodwill between and among all people.

L. To encourage contributions with which to further these purposes.

M. To establish and maintain harmonious relations with other organizations having similar goals and objectives.

N. To do all things necessary, expedient, and/or appropriate toward the accomplishment of these purposes.

O. To promote, publish, distribute a common policy established by member organizations on issues regarding the Italian American Community.

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