In February we ushered in a new era of collaboration when we hosted the first-ever National Italian American Summit Meeting (NIAS One), with more than 350 groups in virtual attendance.

Now it’s time to discuss our progress at NIAS Two, which will be held this Saturday at 11 a.m. EST via Zoom.

All Italian American groups, clubs, organizations and lodges are invited to attend!

RSVP here at no cost:

During NIAS One, we covered several key topics:

1.) Unifying our groups to achieve common goals

2.) Developing 21st-century strategies that seek to engage younger generations

3.) Fighting to save Columbus through legal and advocacy efforts

On June 12th, Committee and Sub-Committee Chairs will offer updates on the progress we have made.

We are stronger together, and together we are Italian America.


Basil M. Russo

President, Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations

National President, Italian Sons and Daughters of America

Re-Connecting with Our Youth Committee

John Viola, Co-Chair

Stephanie Longo, Co-Chair

Charitable Activities Committee

Frank DeFrank, Co-Chair

Joseph Sciame, Co-Chair

Museums and Cultural Institutions Committee

Joseph Scelsa, Chair

Marianna Gatto, Co-Chair

Frank Maselli, Co-Chair

Gina Biancardi, Co-Chair

Italian Language Committee

Berardo Paradiso, Chair

Save Columbus Committee

Robert Ferrito, Chair

Frank Lorenzo, Co-Chair

Mary Kovach, Co-Chair

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs:

Robert Petrone

William Cerruti

Angelo Vivolo

John Fratta

Donna DeSanctis

Charles Marsala

Robert M Ferrito

Andre Dimino

Frank Lorenzo

Mike Santo