Hundreds of volunteers are working with 6 committees developed by the Conference of Presidents to preserve and promote our heritage and history. 

The progress is comprehensive, and we’re proud to say that national collaboration is at an all-time high! 

Here’s the latest (click here and see attachments for more details):

Save Columbus Committee
Outreach efforts launched to connect with local, state and federal politicians and organizations to spur education and mutual support efforts. Distributing 25,000 Columbus Day historical brochures at no cost to honor the navigator’s proud legacy.

Museums and Cultural Institutions Committee
Delivering insights on building and sustaining IA historical institutions.Designed a 7-foot Columbus pop-up display ready for distribution to promote the navigator during Feast Days and Italian American Heritage Month ($200/piece, see attached).

Reconnecting With Our Youth Committee
Launched five subcommittees to focus on: Youth Outreach and Professional Networking; Genealogy, Heritage, and Heritage Travel; Academic/Campus Outreach; Event Outreach; Italian American Content Sharing & Social Media

Italian Language Committee
Printing and distributing brochures to educate audiences on Italian language opportunities and initiatives, and forming strategic partnerships with the U.S.-Italian Consulate and American Academy of Teachers of Italian to raise funds and launch new Italian language classes in the U.S.

Charitable Activities Committee
Developing a framework that will create new fundraising programs, and targeting organizations that warrant investment.

Public Policy Committee
Generating in-depth community, legal and political action plans surrounding the expansion of Italian American curricula and Columbus Day. Educating members in the U.S. House of Representatives to proactively defend the Columbus holiday at the Federal legislative level.

The effort, tenacity and ingenuity from our committees and volunteers is an inspiration, so let’s all keep moving in one, positive direction — forward. 

Photo credit: Juergen Sack, iStock
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